Brand Story

“Learn, Unlearn and then Learn some more”

In the colorful tapestry of fashion, Adepthable weaves together the rich heritage of Indian textiles and the enchanting stories of craft folklore. Founded in November ’21, Adepthable is a Mumbai based Fusion Occasion wear clothing brand. We make clothing which is adapted by various craft forms & textiles having deep roots in the culture of India. We make clothing with a purpose, with a story.

   Adepthable reaches out to different corners of India exploring one craft form at a time. Inspired by the vibrant hues, intricate patterns, and timeless elegance of Indian textiles, Adepthable strives to celebrate the heritage while embracing the modern. Adepthable as the name suggests is Adaptive and Deeply connected to it’s roots. Our vision is to communicate that fashion is beyond just making clothes. It is an amalgamation of art, science and design. It is deep and adaptive. It is Adepthable.

About the Designer

Arushi Poddar is the Founder and Creative Director of Adepthable. Confident with her choices, she completed her graduation from Pearl Academy, Mumbai. Being an enthusiastic and always eager to learn personality Arushi explored and gained experience in different aspects of Fashion. Showcasing her independent collection as a student at Asian Designer Week to working with renowned Fashion houses in India she also set her foot in the Retail and Export sector at one time. She has eventually put together all her knowledge, experience and creative energy into building Adepthable